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Genshin Impact Mystery Bag

$20.00 USD - $60.00 USD
  • Genshin Impact Mystery Bag

Genshin Impact Mystery Bag

$20 bags have a minimum $30 value
$40 bags have a minimum $65 value
$60 bags have a minimum $110 value
Charm only bags have 12 random charms

You can receive a mix of any of the following:
- Stickers
- Acrylic Charms
- Mini Prints
- Washi Tape
- Mouse pads
- PVC Pouches

$60 bags may also contain 1 of the following:
- Pillow case
- Bottle charm
- Wallet
- Tote Bag

* Not all products will be included. For example, a mystery bag could contain 3 stickers, 2 charms, and 1 washi tape.
* All bags will contain a mix of products with no character duplicates.
* Mystery Bags may include products not listed on my online shop.
* I do not accept exchanges or refunds. By purchasing this item, you agree to this condition.
* You may exclude 1 product type or character from your mystery bag. For example, write "Please exclude washi tape from my mystery bag" in the note section during check out
* If you have any of my genshin merch already, please let me know and I will do my best to ensure that you don't get duplicates