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Perfume Bottle Charm

$25.00 USD

Bottle Charm Details
- (3cm x 5cm) / (1.25" x 2.25") **these are a little larger than the other bottle charms
- Bottles are filled with oil and the acrylic inside can move around (similar to a snow globe)
- The acrylic inside may get stuck on one side during transportation. Please gently shake it to move it back into place.
- Inner pieces can shift positions and arrangement of flowers and character will vary from charm to charm.
- There will be small marks on one side of the base of the charm due to assembly.
- The oil will freeze and damage the charm in temperatures at/under 0° C/ 32° F. Please don't leave the charm outside in these temperatures.
- Please note that the pictures may make the charms seem larger than they actually are. The bottles are a similar size to my other 2" acrylic charms

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